Be Grateful (The Eye)

The baby eye | source: google

Like an aphorism, the eyes are the windows of the world. The aphorism is often to be heard when we child. With our eyes, we can know which is the good, which is the bad, which is the pretty, which is the beautiful, which is the handsome and many others. The human eye consists of two pieces of eye, left eye and right eye. But God says in otherwise, not all the people are given the normal eye, there are who have eyes but can not see, the others have eyes but his eyes are not perfect, and some other  are given the normal eye but they damaging their eyes and make abnormalize.

I was one of several people who have given the normal eye, but I am less grateful. Since I was born, my left eye and right eye are normal. Many things that I know from both of my eyeballs. But because of my behavior is not good (read the book with the distance is too close, read a book in a less bright, too long in front of the phone screen and computer) makes my eyes become minus.

Starting from junior high school class, I started to check the condition of my eyes, and the result is positive minus 0.5. Actually it is not really matter that much for a minus, but by my doctor suggested to using a tool called “glasses”. Until now I still use glasses and my minus increase more and more. How difficult to use glasses, but only with this tool, I can see the world normally. Glasses, you are the things that hated but I am very need you :*


Hey people, let all of us  always be grateful to God for what God has given to us. Do not always look up, but look around you. Fill your days with a sense of gratitude for the blessings has given to us. Because God’s always love with people who like to be grateful.

Dedicated to my eyes and glasses, thank you :*

Its so accord with me

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